Growth and Intentions 

It’s a new week and a new season! I don’t know about you, but this has been a very turbulent year for me thus far; filled with tremendous growth as well as loss. Each day I am reminded that the only constant in this universe, is change!

We all must submit to the growth process (personally and otherwise) if we are to move forward and progress. If achievement and change are what you seek, you must participate in that process. Even as I write these words, I’m speaking to myself as I too have had to step into this shift as well. My new self-hosted site: is now up and running and I encourage all of you (new and current followers) to engage with me there!

You want progress? Movement? Growth? Then, you must commit to the process and set your intentions in order to stay the course and manifest that vision you have for yourself!

Keep striving and reaching for the stars, follow your passion and purpose, and find FREEDOM AT THE CROSSROADS…🌍👣🌴🌱