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The New Year is back and it’s definitely time for the NEW YOU! I just wanted to remind you all that my site has grown and moved to Freedom At The Crossroads and I’ve got a brand new post up about fitness, diet, and performance. You can check this and more right now!




Feeling Thankful: Time To Grow!

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Yes, it’s true! It continues to be an awesome journey as I pursue my passion and purpose to impact as many lives as possible by helping women all over the globe, achieve freedom at the crossroads! To all my followers, colleagues, and visitors, please follow me to our new awesome space at! 

Join me as we expand this platform to further connect, engage, and gain freedom at the crossroads! Blessings on the journey to fitness, health, growth, and the freedom to pursue your passion and purpose! YOU are WORTH IT and YOU are BEAUTIFUL!


Your Skin Is Your Canvas…

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising and it’s time to switch up your skincare regime for a new season. We all have a tendency to lose track of the fact that our skin is an organ that requires a lot of care and in some instances, it too needs a good detox!

In addition to good nutrition and exercise, you can’t escape the fact that it’s also necessary to adopt a skincare regime that is tailored to your own skin type. You also need to account for any skincare sensitivities or issues that are unique to your own biology. In other words, if you’ve got finicky skin, you need to find those products that work best for your particular skin type.

Experience has shown me that the fewer ingredients present in your skincare products, the better off your skin will be in the long run. Avoid products with a ridiculously long list of ingredients as well as chemicals (i.e. talc, hydroquinone, butyl paraben, propyl paraben, etc) which can have long-term damaging effects on your body systems.

While most if not all of those listed above have been banned in Europe, the U.S. has been slow to make significant progress towards protecting consumers from potentially harmful (i.e. carcinogens, immune system disruptors, etc) chemicals lurking in our skincare products.

I always advocate knowing what’s in your food as well as what’s in your skincare products. Why? YOUR SKIN is an organ and what you put on its surface eventually makes its way into other areas of your body (i.e. other organs, etc). REMEMBER: Your skin has pores and it’s permeable, in other words, don’t put toxic crap on your skin because it will be transported to your blood stream, etc.

So to recap; it’s not enough to exercise, eat healthy nutrient-dense foods, and incorporate mindfulness into your daily activities. You also need to ensure that you minimize your exposure to toxic and harmful chemicals in your environment. The best place to start is with your food and personal care items and work your way outwards in terms of laundry detergents, household cleaning products, etc.

If you’re not sure how or where to get started you can grab a FREE copy of my Pantry Detox Guide right HERE and start with what’s in your kitchen pantry and refrigerator!

My passion and commitment to women’s health and fitness is personal and built on my own experiences and training in healthcare, my personal journey as well as a personal tragedy! I don’t take this fight lightly because it truly is a matter of life or death; knowledge is power!

Take the journey with me to fitness, balance, and empowerment when you book your FREE 30 min clarity session with me right HERE:


Are You Thirsty When You’re Hungry?

Who hasn’t gone through a time (especially in the summer months), when they were constantly hungry but never seemed to get satiated even after eating a full meal, snacks, etc. I can remember summers where I ate like a horse (had some sips of water throughout the day too!) and it felt like I couldn’t get full! Don’t even get me started on the consequences, a.k.a. “mystery pounds” that just seemed to show up on my stomach, thighs, and butt!

Needless to say, those were some less than happy summers, especially when you factor in me wanting to make sure I had my cuteness factor dialed up to ten, hahaha!

Fast forward to the present and bam! Mystery solved! It’s actually true! In simple terms, your brain can misinterpret thirst for hunger. But first, let’s get a clear definition of both thirst and hunger. In his article entitled “Hunger and Thirst: Issues in the measurement of predictions of eating and drinking”, Richard Dr. Mattes gives the following: “It is first necessary to provide operational definitions of hunger and thirst. Hunger describes those sensations that promote the attainment of minimal energy needs while thirst represents sensations that promote the attainment of minimal hydration needs. ” He also goes on to mention that making the distinction between the two is one that is often made more complex due to a number of factors that feed into the “sensation” of hunger and thirst, namely, individual variability, social behaviors, and physiological attributes, symptoms, etc.

Let’s not even add to that, the constant barrage of media campaigns designed to feed (no pun intedended) and tap into our feelings of nostalgia, comfort and insecurities. These “emotional” wells have  psychological impacts are exploited by marketing campaigns for the sole purpose nudging the public into making particular food choices that are, in most instances, very poor nutritional options.

Unfortunately for a significant segment of society, one of the main consequences of this is the neat epidemic level of diabetes, heart disease and other diet related illnesses. Who would have thought that something as simple as making the distinction between thirst and hunger, could have such potentially, far reaching consequences?

I’m not saying that the, ability to make the distinction between hunger and thirst is the primary root cause or a strong enough association, with the occurences of diabetes and other diet related diseases and illnesses,  but it does give one food for thought.

My take away from all of this? Before you fill your plate, why not try a glass or two of water and give your brain some time to catch up with your stomach?! The bottom line is that distracted eating is problematic and so is allowing your daily routine to become so busy and out of balance,  that something so basic as nutrition and health become the losers in this equation.

Fast food masquerading as “quick” healthy alternatives to mindfully  (a.k.a. foods that have no foreign additves, preservatives, etc) prepped are not beneficial to anyone in the long run. 

Also, rushing through meals, not properly hydrating the body with water (rather than sodas, and drinks or beverages marketed as good substitutes for clean water), and choosing convenience over substance leads down a path that does not end well. Which brings me back to this whole issue of making the distinction between thirst and hunger; “mindless” or “distracted” eating can translate into, consuming more calories than what the body needs, snacking on empty calorie laden foods, and so forth.

Ultimately, balance is the center of it all. Good health is part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle in which self care  (i.e. fitness,  exercise, stress management,  meditation,  mindfully eating, etc ) is viewed as a necessity rather than optional.

If you’re still feeling clues after all of “this” find out more in my holistic fitness and support tribe right here and thank me later! >>FitTribe.Holistic.Fitness.Health<<


Mattes, Richard D. “Hunger and Thirst: Issues in measurement and prediction of eating and drinking.” Physiology & Behavior 100.1 (2010):22-32. Print
McKiernan F, Hollis JH, McCabe GP, Mattes RD. Thirst-drinking, hunger-eating; tight coupling? J AM Diet Assoc. 2009;109:486-90


The Good, Bad, And The Ugly!

The “Ides Of March” (my little Shakespeare reference,  hahaha) are not far off and before you know it, we’ll all be agonizing over those extra rolls we picked up over the winter months. Needless to say, that’s not all we picked up; less healthy eating, more of eating for comfort vs. eating for hunger, more sedentary vs. active, and the list goes on.

So let’s not beat ourselves up over that stuff, rather, let’s focus on solutions that lead to results that can actually be sustained and maintained over time! When I first started the healthy lifestyle journey,  I remember being so TIRED of being sick and tired and because of that; hitting my version of “rock bottom” to the point where there was literally no way that I would stay on that hamster wheel!

I like to start a new season by detoxing my fridge so that I have the right “food” to go with a right “mindset” and that, equals success! Making the right nutritional choices for your health, are not that difficult to come up with nor are they unachievable. You simply have to change your mindset about what it means to be healthy and whether or not you value yourself enough to change your lifestyle.

Now some might say, “that’s easy for you to say”, and my response is, the following: guaranteed sickness, disease, and regret do not constitute an acceptable alternative. If you want to be fit, healthy and have a well-balanced lifestyle, you have to just do it and make the commitment or else you will never have the energy or drive to pursue those things that make life meaningful-simple!

We’re at a time in the year where it’s time to start digging through our pantries and closets and get into the business of throwing out those things we no longer need or want (a.k.a. detox). I’m a firm believer in keeping things simple and to the point. Case in point, any packaged food that lists ingredients I can’t pronounce (i.e. additives) or have been reduced to acronyms, I throw them out (or avoid buying them in the first place).

I just see that as code for stuff that’s either been banned in Europe for its associated health risks or based on my own personal research about certain ingredients in our food system that are suspect (i.e. no nutritional value or just haven’t been pulled by the Food and Drug Administration).

In the meantime, get educated about where your food comes from, get in the FitTribe Zone and get moving!

Also, here’s your FREE copy of my Pantry Detox guide and remember, “you are what you eat!”



Are YOU ALWAYS Available?!

Do you catch yourself always making or being available for everything and anyone? Stop that! It’s time for some self-care; time to STOP putting your needs aside and face up to the fact that you need to build some fences…
Being selfless, helpful and nurturing is definitely noteworthy but, there comes a time when you need to set conditions and limit access to your time and sacred space. I’m all for “doing” but when or, at what point do you replenish and renew yourself  (i.e. self-care, tend to your own needs, etc) or even ask for some assistance for yourself or for a personal task?

That’s not being unselfish or “giving”, that’s what I call INSECURE;  unable to separate your own worth or value from your ability to “help” or be “available.”  More specifically, coupling your identity and self-worth to your ability to “help”/ or be needed by someone else.

In other words, if you find yourself constantly stuck in a cycle (a.k.a. hamster wheel going nowhere) of continuous tasks, obligations,  or activities for other people  (and finding it difficult to say no), you’ve got a problem and not the other way around. There was a time when I too found it not only difficult to say no but also found it hard to set boundaries for other people and things.

Setting and being able to set boundaries also speaks to the issue of balance. It’s also an aspect of personal development in terms of what and who you allow into your sacred space (a.k.a your home, environment or personal space, etc). For instance, not knowing when to say no to a request or anything that not alignment with your wants, comfort level, etc is a flashing red light that says   “more inside” work required!

In other words, you shouldn’t feel pressed into agreeing with a position if it goes against the core of your being; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with refusing to engage or feel obligated to do something that you know will take you out of alignment with your core beliefs or feels invasive. To me, that’s not a growth driven discomfort but rather smacks of someone trying to get in your Koolaid without knowing your flavor!

Looking back, I’ve seen soo many instances where I did not set the appropriate boundaries (because of my own personal development deficits) and I wound up on the losing end of things. I’ve since discovered I’m not alone in this experience and for women, this seems to be one our weak points; not knowing your own value and failing to appreciate your unique authentic self.

There’s always that one client who asks “what does that have to do with getting fit?” A lot actually!




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