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Wow! I no longer rush to my “day job” and I’m coming to the realization that, WOW! I’m going to actually move on and grow, grow, GROW my fitness journey and MY BUSINESS! WOOT, WOOT!👏🏽😉 As I settled and sat down beneath the morning rays of the summer sun this morning, I had an epiphany; a moment when I felt a strange release in my chest even as I prepared and set my mind to deal with the stress and chaos of my “day job”. What was that feeling? Well it was my passion and the sweet sense of finally beginning to catch on to the fact that my work as a motivated and passionate creator is NOW in VIEW! That’s right, my vision of being my own boss, fulfilling my passion , my calling AND dare I be a little crass by saying, ” ah sweet profit, fruit of my sweat and tears”! Ha, ha ha, I know it’s a little over the top but, there is literally N.O.T.H.I.N.G. like being your own boss and not subject to the whimsy, uncertainty, and vision of “someone” else; Ha, now put that in your pipe and smoke that one!👊🏼

Is it scary? Yes! How about totally feel-like-you’re-gonna-pee-in pants scary? YESSSSS! But what a glorious, exciting, and growth inspiring experience it is to take the plunge into truly steering your own ship. Notice I didn’t say easy, or smooth; that’s because it’s neither smooth nor  easy, BUT it IS worth it, if you are willing to accept the challenge, get off someone else’s hamster wheel, and leave your FEARS and INSECURITIES behind.  This is NOT for everyone, nor do I claim to be totally free from my fears and baggage, but damn it! Why be forced to carry someone else’s too?! I’M so DONE with that; rushing to fulfill someone else’s vision while your’s dies a slow death beneath the guise of making a living and scratching to hold on to  that  “guaranteed” source of income! Wow! So DONE with having my passion, creativity, time, and resources sacrificed at the altar of “someone else’s” BOTTOM LINE!

Just like NEO in the “Matrix”( hey did really think I’d miss the opportunity to make a reference to one of my fave sci-fi flicks?😜) it can be uncomfortable and down right painful, as you break free from the constraints, of that so-called “guaranteed ” employment, which is just another way of saying “suck you dry”! Just saying’! 😉 NO not really!

I’m giddy with the knowledge that soon, I will embrace the solid embodiment of my vision of my business and my journey! Are YOU  ready to fit and inspire other people get in gear and switch to a healthy lifestyle too?



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