It’s another Monday,  another week, and one more autumn in sight. I don’t know about you, but while I’m still grasping on to the last rays of summer, my heart can’t help but beat a little faster at the thought of autumn and all the goodies it will bring.  Yeah I know it’s going to be a bit “crispy” and the days will grow shorter, but what’s important is the C.H.A.N.G.E.!

Don’t you just feel like change is in the air? Like an air of expectation is just hovering around you, waiting for you to get a clue? Yes, I was feeling a little bit like I was trapped on that, dare I say it? Wow,that hamster wheel going NO where! I don’t know how I got on it, and I’m stumped at the fact that I’m just finally arriving at the realization  that I’ve been on it these last few weeks.

All that dissatisfaction, pent-up frustration and malaise I was feeling? Now THAT, was my inner self chomping away within and urging me to wake up! Some how, I had allowed personal and health challenges to whittle away at my focus, determination and passion! Damn! What a scary reminder to ALWAYS be vigilant in staying the course and to take care to both nourish and focus on your objective; regardless of whether it’s health, family or carrier oriented.

Okay, now that I’ve had my wakeup call, it’s time to ditch the malaise of that hamster wheel, flex some muscle, and get perspective! I don’t know about you, but I’m glad that my eyes are wide open, the adrenaline is pumping, and now? Well, I’m UNSTOPPABLE! I wonder though, who else is out there feeling “stumped” about where she (or he) is on life’s journey, at the crossroads and trying to get health and fitness, in balance?

All I can say is, welcome to the journey and embrace the change…



#TGIF: Time to, relax, relate and release!

So it’s Friday and, WHAT? Well, it should mean or translate into a powering down, reconnecting with our inner selves, and releasing (letting go) of the stresses of the week, and the past. LET IT GO! Hanging on to regrets and that old dead “woulda, coulda, shoulda” only leaves you with a sense of failure, frustration and an inability to focus on reorienting yourself so that YOU can achieve your goals.

That’s not to say that reflection isn’t necessary or that regret is all bad; what I am saying these things have their own place within the context of a well-balanced life. If we don’t reflect (in a constructive manner) on where certain things went wrong in the past, we are more likely to repeat those same mistakes. In a similar manner, if we are incapable of feeling regret (again, within the proper context), that speaks to a lack of personal development or growth as well as a lack of emotional depth.

All of that aside, knowing when to a “system shutdown” is part of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Remember, “fitness” and “health” applies to more than just the physical; it’s also about the mental and emotional aspect of who we are as individuals.

Experience has taught me that the fitness journey is more than weight loss, eating clean, exercise, etc. It’s about the mental and emotional components of who we are, coming in to balance and alignment as part of living a healthy and fulfilling life.My advice? Take the weekend to get outside, break away from technology, connect with the earth (a.k.a. get some nature / outdoor therapy) and decompress! Blessings on the journey…👣




I always thought the gym was the place to be if I wanted that perfect body, hewn from that “special” equipment that can only be found at the gym (*sniff*)! Yeah right! Well as it turns out, ignorance plus good intentions mean nothing and DO nothing for helping you lose weight, get fit, and improving your health. The statistics are out there, and the news is not good-obesity and poor health are on the rise and signing up for a gym membership is NOT the magic pill. Who’d a thunk it?! The reality is that more than 70% of people who sign up for a gym membership, fitness program,etc quit, anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

I’ve since made the calculation that the best gym or fitness program in the world, can NOT solve our current healthcare epidemic; in fact, this is one where a mult-pronged attack on all fronts needs to be implemented if we’re truly serious about addressing the issue of obesity in our nation as well as the global front. We need to understand that WE have the power to change OUR health and fitness and ONLY WE can make the necessary changes to achieve these ends. I’m so tired of all the weight-loss gimmicks and tricks that are being peddled out there instead of “people” being real and honest about the fact that fitness and health require commitment, education (i.e. educating ourselves about our food sources ), access to quality healthcare, healthy foods (i.e. not processed and packaged junk marketed  as “quick and healthy”alternatives), and a full on conscious shift to change the way we think about health and our relationship to food.

I’ve done the whole #gymrat routine as well as the at home platform, and for me, the gym is both a distraction and ineffectual (at least for me ) when it comes to sticking to a fitness program or gaining lasting results. This is not to say that going to the gym is a waste of time; it’s not-but for me and anyone else out there who thrives in a social environment that is stripped of pump, fads, and the whole “personal trainer” phenomena  (*wink*), the gym is not where I get motivated.

My fitness journey took me outside of the artificial environment of the gym and where I had to make the conscious decision, plan, and course of action to change my way of thinking about fitness and health relative to on within the context of my daily life and personal goals! Ding, ding, an epiphany hits me  and I realize that this is what most people fail to see or grasp (and most gyms fail to communicate to potential clients); the fact that fitness is not a one time deal, destination or moment in time. The act of getting fit and healthy requires personal development (i.e. it’s not all about the outside), and a total lifestyle shift. The same responsibilities you fulfill in the course of meeting your daily obligations and commitments also exist if you want to be fit and healthy in all areas of your life.

No one ever said this was easy, ONLY that it is NECESSARY if you want to live a healthy and full life, the question you should be asking yourself tight now is, “WHY AM I still doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result?” I don’t know about you but I’m getting outside and engagaging with the nature, the world, and the universe around me, as I continue on my journey to fitness, health, and fulfilment! blessings on the journey!👣

Hmmm oh what a day…


Sometimes you just need to…

Life is full of challenges, ebbs and flows, etc. When it comes to living a healthy and passion filled life, quality is key. In order to fulfill your passion and potential, you must operate at your optimal physical and mental states. So what’s the good news in all of this? Well, by making yourself a priority when it comes to your fitness and health (i.e. recognizing that you can’t give from an empty well, or fully explore your innate potential) you are creating a pathway through which your life can begin to shift into balance. In my experience, I’ve that one of the most visible indicators of a life out of balance is poor health, stress, anxiety and being “stuck” (i.e. feeling trapped in a situation or state).


Other “physical” manifestations of imbalance is the big “WG” a.k.a. weight gain; that’s right ladies, that ever increasing number on your bathroom scale that makes you want to scream in frustration because you’re at that point where a simple inhalation results in an additional five pounds! Wow, been there done that, NOT buying the t-shirt again gals, lol. So what am I getting at? What I am trying to say is that, all is not lost, yes you can shed the unhealthy weight, get rid of undue stress and fatigue, etc. The real and lasting solution is to first STOP and reflect on your current state, make an honest decision (about what you need to do in order to change your state), get a plan, and take ACTION.

It’s one thing to look in the mirror and gripe about weight gain, and being in a rut, but it’s a whole other level truth that makes you jump off of that “hamster wheel” going nowhere and, make a serious and actionable plan to change the course of your life. For those who are wondering, I don’t claim to have all the answers, BUT I do know how to get sh*t done because I’ve literally L.I.V.E.D. that journey and I had to dig deep for the courage and aggressively grab hold of the resources necessary to achieve my fitness and health goals. An added bonus to all of that is, other areas of my live began to shift in to balance as well and I’m now unlocking my power and potential for other goals for the future.

Sometimes you just have to dive in regardless of your fears or perceived limitations or barriers, other wise you’ll find yourself indefinitely stuck in that awful crossroads slowly losing your health, positivity, power and potential in a death spiral. Yes it sounds a bit melodramatic, but for anyone who knows that pain, you recognize that the struggle is real. I’ve got no illusions about how hard it can be to make that break, but once you decide, plan, and take action; the process becomes easier and the goal is in sight. I’m both a physical and visual person, so fitness (and health) is a favored way to create movement and progress toward achieving a desired goal. Getting outdoors is an excellent way to not only recharge the body and mind, but it also a great way break away from the crossroads (i.e. hamster wheel).

A brisk walk along the beach trails, forest preserves, etc, will (if you’re like me) help you activate your mind and body to engage in something new. Remember, exercise comes in  several forms and regardless of fitness level, the KEY ingredient here Is ACTION! Moving the body activates all your body systems as well as the mind and the best gift you could ever give yourself or your family is a healthy, strong, and positive version of yourself. I’ not saying it will not be a challenge, what I AM saying is that YOU need to invest in yourself recognize your own worth if you ever hope to have others make the same calculation. Bottom line? if you do not value yourself first, no one else will do it for you!


In other words, “do not cast your pearls before the swine…” (Matthew 7:6, NIV).


Journey to loving you for YOU!

Journey to loving you for YOU!

It’s one thing to “fix” the outside, it’s another to build up and embrace the internal. For women, this is often a hard thing as we are constantly bombarded by images roles that are not necessarily our own. It’s time to break out of that cycle and just do you!

Trying to live up to someone else’s perception or image is both exhausting and soo yesterday. At this stage of my life, I’d rather stick a hot poker through my eye than deal with the drama, bondage and baggage that comes with that sort of unhealthy attachment. Factor in the relatively short life time we have in this universe, timeline, or what ever you want to call it; the bottom line is, NONE of us have the time to waste our lives on the negative and things (and yes, people) that bring no VALUE to our lives.

While every event brings experience and color to our lives, there are a whole lot of uglies (i.e. traumas, etc) that NO one wants or needs to experience again. That’s why I say fixing the outside CAN’T truly be fixed unless YOU correct the INSIDE!

I’m a firm believer in maximizing the positive and I do it all by getting, fit, fierce, fabulous and free! Time to keep it moving.😎👣

Throw off the yoke and go for broke!…

Throw off the yoke and go for broke!…

IT IS TIME TO GO FOR BROKE!  Get off someone else’s crazy train. I’m talking about the drama of other people, their baggage (that they are trying to push off on you), the expectations of others, the “job” without the growth (i.e. financial returns), and JUST LET IT GO. Now don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying abandon your friends, family and obligations, ALL I’m saying is that you NEED to set boundaries (which YOU must enforce ; i.e., in your relationships), learn to say “NO” for a change, and STOP allowing fear and uncertainty trap you on a hamster wheel going nowhere.

As one savvy blogger  (Listen to your mama!) it takes a lot of self-development, truth, and finality (that part of your soul that cries out “enough is enough!”) to throw off the weight of the yoke that is keeping you chained and bound to your “situation” or circumstance. The tragedy of life not having any do-overs? It’s all the lost creativity, opportunities, and enrichment that COULD and SHOULD have been had, IF only WE had made the courageous decision to get off that interminable wheel leading no where.NOW it’s time to connect and engage the “Fly Wheel” (wheel of creativity and motivation).tumblr_mb8eitiqgE1r1r78ao1_1280

Now that we’ve got that all straightened out, it’s time to move to the next phase; what’s that ? It’s called  discovering your “flywheel” using it for growth instead of the yoke (i.e. bondage to your current situation)…To be continued and blessings on the journey2…👣



Body Talk…

So you’ve finally decided to dive in, accept the challenge, join the fit tribe, get your program in gear and now you’re…OFF! Well before you get too comfortable, I’m going to put a little damper on your personal party by injecting a bit of reality! I’m not trying to throw you off, i’m simply trying to give you ONE powerful tip as you embark on this lifetime fitness journey.

A lot of times it is so easy to get into a routine and then set our minds on auto-pilot; you have the right program for your fitness level (at least you think you do), your nutrition plan is all worked out, BUT you are MISSING one component that can make or break you (in terms of whether or not you succeed or quit and fail). What is that one COMPONENT? It’s called listening to your B.O.D.Y! That’s right, engaging in a physical self-check of how different parts of your body are responding to your workout routines will go a long way toward helping you avoid injuries and possible failure.